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Who Watches the Watchers?

Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing · Co-infection is bad news—Scientists in Brazil have identified two cases where people were simultaneously infected with two different variants of #COVID19. Co-infection raises the likelihood of *recombination* admixture that generates more variants.ttps://

Fred cannot emphasise enough just how important it is for people to remain engaged and learn about COVID-19 on a daily basis because this is about variants and mutations and this time around science is adapting to research not over decades but in REAL TIME.  We can all contribute. 

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Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing Epidemiologist & Health Economist. Health Policy & Justice. Senior Fellow, FAS. Former 16 yrs @Harvard . @JohnsHopkins & @HarvardEPI alum. COVID updates Jan’20- Washington DC &… Joined January 2009 8,654 Following484.9K Followers Followed by Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG), Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, and 152 others you follow

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