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‘I’ve had enough’ says Jules Thomas as she splits from Ian Bailey after 30 years

  11 hrs ago

Ian Bailey wearing a suit and tie© Provided by

Jules Thomas has split from Ian Bailey, the man she described to the Irish Mail on Sunday as ‘hard going.’

Ian has become synonymous, despite never being convicted in an Irish court, with the murder of French woman Sophie Toscan Du Plontier in rural West Cork in 1996. In the years since Ian has garnered lots of press attention for countless reasons, including his partaking in the now-famous true-crime podcast West Cork.

For Jules, who’s struggled with the relentless attention from the general public and the press, enough was enough.Ian Bailey wearing a suit and tie: Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.© Provided by Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.

‘After 25 years I am sick and tired of banging on with this; it’s been just awful — all that stuff in print, the press attention, the photographers, everything,’ she said.

The Welsh woman also claimed that her ex had been violent towards her in the past adding: ‘Yes, he was physically abusive to me a couple of times; we split up for a while and then got back together again.’a woman looking at the camera: Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.© Provided by Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.

After three decades, Jules came to the realisation that things weren’t going to change. ‘I put up with him for far too long and I realise now that it was a waste of time,’ she said.

‘It was always a one-way flow. Men like him don’t ever bend or accommodate … it’s to do with their egos.’Ian Bailey wearing a suit and tie standing next to a woman: Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.© Provided by Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas. Pic: Collins Courts.

Jules had been in a relationship with her ex since before Sophie’s murder, which to this day, remains unsolved. The landscape artist has historically stood by his side and for her—there’s no way he’s guilty of the crime.

‘I am convinced of his innocence, always have been and that it was a stitch-up by the guards from the beginning,’ she said. As a matter of fact, it’s part of why she claims she stayed with him.

‘If I had left him in the middle of all that it would have looked like he did it, so I just gritted my teeth.’

Ian was approached for comment by the Irish Mail on Sunday to which he responded: ‘I am feeling very raw at present, so I don’t want to speak about this right now, but it is over.’

Speaking previously of Sophie’s murder, following a court case in France that found him guilty in absentia, Ian said: ‘Most of my life has been consumed by it. I have almost got used to it but it still hangs there like a dark cloud.Death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier smiling for the camera: Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. Pic: REX© Provided by Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. Pic: REX

The case has become a source of fascination for the people of West Cork, Ireland, France and indeed the whole world as many documentaries, books and podcasts have examined it.

A new documentary series is on the way, this time round from Sky, and promises to be addictive viewing

It’s directed by Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan and will be in five parts.

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