Gerry the Monk should Worry now, no more Limos, or Celeb Status?

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Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch facing murder charge over Regency Hotel attack five years ago

Gardaí have informed law enforcement agencies across Europe that the crime boss is wanted in Ireland

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued for Gerry Hutch

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued for Gerry Hutch

April 20 2021 02:30 AM

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch is to be charged with murder arising from the Regency Hotel attack in 2016.

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued for his capture after the DPP decided that gardaí had enough evidence to charge him with the murder of drug dealer David Byrne.

Byrne, a member of the Kinahan cartel, was shot dead when a five-strong squad – including three men dressed as ERU members armed with AK47 rifles – attacked at a boxing weigh-in on February 5, 2016.

An European operation is now under way to track down Hutch, who went into hiding shortly after the Regency attack which sparked Dublin’s gangland feud.

Gardaí issued an alert on the Schengen system, informing law enforcement agencies that the crime boss is wanted on foot of an extradition order for murder in Ireland.

The Irish Independent understands that senior gardaí are confident Hutch will now be apprehended within days. It is understood that he has been moving between locations in Spain and Turkey.

The European Arrest Warrant was issued in recent days, after the DPP instructed he be charged with murder and tried before the non-jury Special Criminal Court.

This is the culmination of a painstaking Garda investigation into the Regency Hotel attack. The incident led to a brutal cycle of violence and a further 18 murders.

The Irish Independent also understands that Hutch is likely to face further serious charges when he is returned to this jurisdiction, including attempted murder and possession of firearms.

A detailed investigation file compiled by the team of detectives based at Ballymun was submitted to the DPP late last year.

The decision to charge Hutch represents a major breakthrough in the five-year investigation. Gardaí believe the Regency attack was planned to murder cartel boss Daniel Kinahan and several of his lieutenants.

It was planned in revenge for the murder of Gerry Hutch’s nephew, Gary, by Kinahan’s men in September 2015. This was followed by an attempt to assassinate Gerry Hutch in Lanzarote three months later, on New Year’s Eve.

Sources close to the former armed robber who spoke to the Irish Independent last year claimed Hutch felt he had been “left with no choice” but to strike back. He believed the Kinahans could not be trusted and would not give up in trying to have him killed.

However, Daniel Kinahan and his close associates, including David Byrne’s brother Liam, managed to escape through a back door of the hotel. The subsequent feud claimed 18 lives including those of two completely innocent men.

The death toll included Gerry Hutch’s brother, Eddie, three of his nephews and two of his best friends.

In 2019 the Regency investigation based at Ballymun station experienced a setback after the trial of Patrick Hutch (26) collapsed following the tragic death of the officer in charge of the inquiry, Detective Superintendent Colm Fox.

It was the State’s case that Patrick Hutch was the gunman dressed as a woman and although he did not shoot David Byrne, he was part of a “shared intention” to commit the offence. Patrick Hutch had denied the charges.

In February 2019, the DPP entered a nolle prosequi and dropped the charges against Patrick Hutch.

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