Drogheda, a Town sadly still living in Fear, where Gangland Feuds still Rule and destroy the lives so often of vulnerable people affected by poverty. Shamefully there are have been too many Murders, and there are many others who have Fled the once Quiet Town?

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Very significant’ feud pipe bomb factory linked to anti-Maguire faction uncovered in Drogheda

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April 23 2021 10:26 AM

Gardai believe they have uncovered a bomb factory after a late night drugs raid on a property in Drogheda led to the discovery of two pipe bombs, gun powder and a large amount of bullets.

A number of houses were evacuated in Drogheda and two men were arrested after gardaí carried out a search in a home in the town at 11pm yesterday. 

Two pipe bombs, gun powder and a large quantity of firearms ammunition were seized. 

The scene was cordoned off and a number of houses in the area were evacuated.

The army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called and safely removed the two explosive devices and other material that is believed to have been used in the manufacturing of the explosives. 

“The belief is that pipe bombs were being made at this property for the so-called anti-Maguire faction,” a senior source told independent.ie.

It was an unexpected development for officers who had expected to find drugs at the property but not the bombs and bomb making paraphernalia.

This is a very significant result – there has been two arrests but these are individuals who would be at the very bottom of the food chain when it comes to the feuding gangs in Drogheda,” the source added.

Gardai did also recover drugs at the property – €1,100 worth of suspected cocaine along with €500 worth of suspected Alprazolam tablets during the search which happened at 11pm.

The two men arrested at the scene are aged in their early 40s and mid 50s and neither have any serious previous criminal connections.

It is suspected that they were making bombs on behalf of the anti-Maguire faction who have been “on the back foot” in recent months in a bitter feud that has claimed four murders and numerous bomb attacks.

“This shows that this faction has not gone away but many of its main protagonists are either in jail or in exile abroad,” a senior source said.

“This gang may have used these individuals because they were not previously well known to gardai in terms of organised crime,” the source added.

The faction led by Owen Maguire has had the upper-hand in recent months and today senior sources said that gardai in the troubled town are “very relieved” that Maguire’s close ally Cornelius Price cannot return to Ireland because of bail conditions imposed on him in the UK.

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