Souces inform me, that Parts of Prada South Dublin are Suffering Hunger, behind Locked gates, and the Idiots, once Wealthy cannot let the Facade down by Asking for Help. What happens next is a Miracle in a Pandemic. When this Tragic news Reached the Hamster McOakpine in the Isle of Skye, he contacted his Canadian Multi Billionaire Friend who made his monies from Online Dating Services, and they both put a Plan in Place for the Elite Impoverished: Soup Kitchens. They begin on Monday night on Leeson Street, and the Hamster pleads with the Prada Elite, Come you are Welcome, dont feel Humbled or Ashamed, we Brits Caused a Famine in Ireland, now its Payback time, Come and Eat? Just one Clause, you must join the Commonwealth, be Proud, the Queen Loves you?

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See the source image
See the source image

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