FF are being called to an EGM today on the Orders of Micheal Martin aka Tarzan. Martin is taking in special legal experts to establish if he can take a legal action against a monkey who literally pissed down upon him in the Dublin Zoo yesterday. We all know that there is only 1% between the human and the primate but sometimes when I look at who is involved in Irish politics I get very confused. The meeting by Nphet and the Dail is cancelled until Martin get’s the legal opinion regarding the Gardai who are interrogating said guilty monkey. Let us not forget the Gardai interrogated no less than Leo, Tanaiste, last month. I will conclude: Jim O’Callaghan will not be called naturally to give his opinion on this matter but I am also sure that Barry Cowen and Dara Calleary are eating their popcorn sitting in the front row of the FF circus.

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TDer - micheal Martin
Cork General Election candidate Paudie Dineen makes
        hilarious promise after poster gets googly eyes - Cork Beo
See the source image
See the source image

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