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Just heard John Waters say something very simple yet very profound. He said that about two journalists with a bit of research, courage and honesty could have destroyed this whole rotten scam at the start. They would show clearly that The Emperor Has No Clothes! I think any half trained journalist would have asked probing questions. I certainly would have asked these; Produce the proof of covid existence and isolation. Produce the evidence that masks, social distancing work. Produce evidence of lockdowns working. How did so many die needlessly in nursing homes. Did you not see that Cuomo, in New York, also emptied the hospitals and those people died in care homes. What is the amplification used in Pcr testing? Why did its inventor Kary Mullis say it should NOT be used to detect diseases. Why are you terrifying the elderly especially to death? Has the Flu been rebranded Covid? Why are you authorising an unproven so called vaccine that is still on trial until 2023. There’s many more. Don’t even dream that ‘sweet’ Claire Byrne with that lovely hair do and smile will ever ask those questions!!!! No. Claire would call you a Conspiracy Theorist. A bought out controlled little gofer of Rte and state. Point is Gov, Nphet, Judiciary and Media are all in it TOGETHER.

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