Mattie Speaks out, and Many Agree with him, put a Moustache on Martin, it gets Scary, then there is Drew? FF will be Wiped out, hopefully?

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See the source image
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Mattie McGrath described the Guards and the Garda Commissioner as Nazi’s and Hitler, he described the country as a totalitarian state, at long last we have a member of Dail Eireann speaking the truth.

Micheal Martin asked Mattie to withdraw his comment and Mattie told him where to go. The Commissioner said that he had no hand act or part in telling taxi drivers that they could not protest he said Guards did meet with the taxi driver’s but he refused to elaborate on what the meeting was about, the Guards themselves said they could not order anyone not to protest.

But they did threaten the taxi drivers of the possibility of arrests and criminal proceedings if they went ahead with their planned protest, now just like everyone of us the taxi drivers cannot afford have to have criminal records.

This is not a democracy this is exactly what Mattie stated in Dail it is a totalitarian state all our rights are gone and guess what Eamon Ryan is not the only asleep we all are, we are allowing Nazi’s to rule us and we must wake up and stand up to the Nazi’s in our midst

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