What is the Big Secret of Sinn Fein’s Facebook Data Base? Maybe below, the Fox can Explain a little?

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May be an image of animal and text that says 'Sshh! If
        you have a fox that visits or you spot one in nature, enjoy the
        privilege. Their lives are not easy Please don't make it harder
        by advertising their presence. KEEP THEM SECRET. KEEP THEM

What the Cute Sinn Fein Foxes fail to discuss is Ireland and illegal drugs, cartels and white collar criminals who snort cocaine. Did you know the post is the leading perpetrator for delivery direct from South America? Europol, Interpol, they know but in Ireland we are asleep or worse again high as kites and living off the black market while those who are remote working are most probably snorting cocaine to get them through the horrors of the Pandemic. Highly recommend this interview between Eamon Dunphy and Nicola Tallent. It is Eamon’s Podcast – The Stand. Highly recommended.


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