Garda 4 Carla is Alleged to have Returned during the Lockdown, and Carla is back in the Saddle again, I mean on the Squad Cars, I find this Return of Carla hard to Believe. Even Gardai need Relief from Stress during a Pandemic, and top Doctors Recommend Nookie?

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"The Muppets" - Season One : News Photo
 Carla Smith appeared with cop in romp

Garda who had sex with amateur porn star on patrol car has been told he will be fired

The cop, who is stationed in Munster, had appeared before a discipline board in recent weeks

Clips from the video; and garda jacket (stock)

A garda who was filmed having sex with a wannabe porn star on a marked patrol car has been told he will be sacked by top brass.

The cop, who is stationed in Munster, had appeared before a discipline board in recent weeks.

It is understood Commissioner Drew Harris has decided to dismiss him.

A source told the Irish Mirror: “The guard appeared before the sworn enquiry and they decided that he should be fined two weeks wages.

But when the file was further examined by Commissioner Drew Harris it was decided that he should be sacked.

“The Commissioner has written a letter to the garda and told him he has 14 days to explain why he should be retained or be sacked.

 Carla4Garda reveals she is still romping with Gardai and has bedded 36 in total

This is the new regime under Drew Harris, he is taking a hard line on all discipline matters and has sacked another member recently.”

A video featuring a man wearing the force’s jacket and a woman having sex on what looks like a cop car hit headlines in April 2017.

It was posted to a popular porn website by a user under the name of Carla4Garda.

As the investigation began the officer was suspended on full pay but was returned to duty. He then faced an internal garda hearing to decide his fate.

A source has said that the officer is in a deeply distressed state after the judgement and said that his colleagues have gathered around to offer support.

 Porn film Garda ‘returns to duty’ after viral romp with ‘Carla4Garda’

The insider said: “People that know this garda say that he is a decent and hard working garda who made a massive mistake.

“He is highly thought of by his colleagues and is said to be a very good garda in his role.

“He was told that he was to be fined but the Commissioner took a different view, people are deeply upset about this and believe that it is an excessive punishment.”

The garda discipline system has a number of regulations by which gardai can be sacked.

It goes from a warning to a fine in pay or a full sacking. Sources said the garda is now considering his legal options to retain his job.

A source explained: “If he fails to keep his job he could be destined for a judicial review in the High Court, he doesn’t want to lose hisjob.

“He’s suffered personally without the organisation going after him to this extent, it has had a negative impact on morale.

Gardai who work with the man accept that he did wrong but they believe it isexcessive.”

Previously the woman at the centre of the video, who lives in Cork, said that she has bedded dozens of soldiers and gardai.

  • Woman ‘Carla’ in ‘garda porn video’ claims she’s now bedded 30 officers
  • She has videoed the seedy romps and posted them on a well known porn website.
  • An unidentified dark-haired woman wearing a lacy bra and suspenders is handcuffed to the bonnet before the pair have sex on top of a marked car.
  • The mystery woman says what sounds like “Sorry Garda” and the man replies, “You better be sorry.”

Both appear to have Irish accents.

The clip which had been viewed by thousands of viewers has since been taken off the internet.

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