After the Covid 19 Fallout, People will be in Deep Debt, and Vulture Funds will Fly in the Skies, Viewing their Prey?

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        of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

Fred asks people that the next time they are in the environs of our homeless population, those begging outside the like of Tesco or those who are living in the doorways of our now abandoned shops or down on the canal, or in our parks, to take a look and see in their faces the poverty not unlike the woman above. Sinn Fein continually talk about housing and engage in bitching and back biting but what about the Truth regarding the flooding of our country with illegal drugs. It is this market that has destroyed so many people and it is time we face up to the truth, and if we look in the face of some who are homeless, one will see what poverty and addiction of today does and it is not very different to what Famine did to the Irish people 150 years ago.

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