Organised Crime is Rampant across Ireland, Follow the Money Trail?

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Search operation €200k “restrained” in financial accounts as CAB raid seven properties in relation to organised crime group

Neil Fetherstonhaugh

May 07 2021 12:49 PM

The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) has been back in action again this morning as they mounted a search operation targeting an organised criminal group in Co Clare. 

CAB officers searched seven different locations in Ennis as they took aim at the activities of the gang that are involved in incidents of burglary, theft and distribution of controlled drugs.

During the course of the raids, cash in financial accounts has been “restrained” while documentation relating to other financial matters was seized.

The use of marked mineral oil in a private vehicle was detected.

“CAB personnel assisted by local gardaí in the Clare Garda Division, the Garda Armed Support Unit (ASU), the Revenue Customs Dog Unit and Revenue Customs Marked Mineral Oil Unit” were involved, gardai said.

“As a consequence of this morning’s operation €197,500 was restrained in financial accounts, documentation in relation to financial matters was seized; and the use of marked mineral oil in a private vehicle was detected.”

Gardai added: “Today’s search operation resulted from the close co-operation between the Criminal Assets Bureau and local Gardaí through the Divisional Asset Profiler network.”

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