Bitterness and the Self Ego, finally Caught up with Harris, very Few Irish People, Proud of their History will Shed a Tear? Probably a Few West Brits may feel Sad today in South Dublin? Hello Dolly, Goodbye Eoghan?

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Twitter deletes yet another account in Eoghan Harris paper row

Eoghan Harris (file image)
Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris (file image

May 10 2021 02:30 AM

Another Twitter account has been suspended permanently by the social media company in the fallout from the termination of controversial Sunday Independent columnist Eoghan Harris’s contract with the paper.

Mr Harris, who had been writing for the paper for more than 20 years, was told last week he would no longer be allowed to write for it after it emerged he was involved in a fake Twitter account that went against the transparency expected by the publication.

The Twitter account, under the name of Barbara J Pym, pushed Mr Harris’s strong political views and frequently targeted journalists whose writing went against his opinions.

In the days that followed, up to nine accounts linked to the Barbara J Pym account have been suspended by Twitter.

The latest one, called Northern Whig, was suspended yesterday.

Mr Harris has denied operating the Northern Whig Twitter account, which was being followed by the Barbara J Pym account, but has said he has a good idea who was behind it.

Another suspended account was known as Dolly White.

Again, Mr Harris said he was not involved in that account but that it was controlled by a former student of his.

The Northern Whig account was active until Saturday night but was then suspended by Twitter at the same time it was being named in yesterday’s Sunday Independent by editor Alan English in an article explaining why Mr Harris’s contract had been terminated.

Suspicions first arose that Mr Harris was involved in the Barbara J Pym account on Saturday, May 1, when it posted a tweet containing information about a major poll conducted by the paper on public attitudes to a united Ireland.

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