Drew is Starting to Clean up; Wonder what his View would be on a Friend, going by Appointment to a Garda Station in South Dublin, then Handcuffed, and False Charges put Against him. The DPP Laughed and stopped it proceeding. However the Rogue Cops are still at Large, then there is the Cabbage Case, another Stitch up, by one Nasty piece of work, who should be Sacked. But sadly Hunter is not. Again the Judge threw the Cabbage out, literally laughed out of Court? The man was Targeted by Rogue Cops, Why?

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Garda officer suspended from duty for more than eight years as 70 officers currently suspended from force

  • 4 May 2021, 14:45
  • Updated: 4 May 2021, 14:45

A GARDA officer has been suspended from duty for more than eight years, one of more than seventy officers currently suspended from the force.

Gardai have also said that seventeen police officers – including seven probationers – have been dismissed over the past three years.

Over 70 officers are currently suspended from the
Over 70 officers are currently suspended from the forceCredit: PA:Press Association

A detailed breakdown of suspensions reveals how some can run for protracted periods of time, for up to a decade in one case.


Gardai said one member has been suspended between eight and ten years, and another for between six and eight years.

None have been suspended for longer than ten years, but two officers have been on suspension now for between four and six years, according to records released under Freedom of Information.

There were fifteen officers suspended for between two and four years and fifty-two whose suspension had so far lasted less than two years.

An Garda Siochana said two members of the force had been dismissed in 2018.


There was a sharp rise in that figure however during 2019, when twelve members – including four probationers – were dismissed from their job.

The figure fell back again last year when three members were dismissed from An Garda Siochana, all of them probationers.

Gardai said there was a code of conduct in place for all officers with any suspected breach the subject of an investigation.

The penalties provided for under garda regulations allow for dismissal, reduction in rank, a temporary reduction in pay, caution, or advice.

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