A View from People on Social Media; my Question is:- Are some Gardai, serving or Retired being Shafted, or are there Serious Questions or Charges to Answer? Thankfully it is for the Courts to Decide in this case.

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Well tomorrow suspended Superintendent Eamon O’Neill will be in Limerick district court to face Perverting The Course of Justice charges along with four of his colleagues.

Now this is just the beginning of the corrupt guards being brought to court. His partner and colleague Inspector Arthur Ryan who was seen snorting Cocaine in the Hurler Pub in Limerick, and even after a file was sent to the DPP with video and photographic evidence him doing this in the presence of Superintendent O’Neill, the DPP decided not to prosecute him, but he has now been informed that he is to be sacked from An Garda Siochana, well the Barrister and the Solicitor with the DPP who decided no prosecution should be sacked as well. They have sanctioned prosecutions against me where there was no evidence other than the lies of Guards and I successfully defended myself against the liars and the DPP almighties, at a great cost to my health and of my wife. There is one more case of lies against me in court at the moment and I will be proven not guilty once again. I will be then seeking for district court judges, senior and junior guards to be charged with perverting the course of justice ⚖.

I am not and it was never my intention to show the guards up as corrupt men and women, I would love to sit here and have nothing to say about the guards only good, you see we need a police force but not the one we have now. An Garda Siochana must be dismantled, a new police force installed, this is something I believe will be done, but there is a chance it might be left too late and our little country just might explode into violence, one thing is for sure our country is on the road to become something like a South American country, now who to hell wants that, well if you don’t stop licking the guards arses that is what you are going to get. But the DPP must go under dramatic changes as well, there is serious corruption in that office, along with the department of justice and the attorney generals office, and of course in the Judiciary. For the most of us we are just a simple island people and we for some reason are afraid to wake up and smell the coffee, well I say to those of who fit that category you will be woken up when everything you are dreaming of achieving collapse all around you, but too bloody late then. Our country is corrupt only because of you are allowing people to control you and your families, you should always question those with power, they are the dangerous ones in any society

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