Feud: Drogheda. Christy Mangan Chief Supt, States there will be no Let up in Cleaning up Drogheda, and Ending the Bloody Feud?

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TAKING ACTION Chief Superintendent blasts Drogheda drug dealers and says there’s ‘no let up’ in criminal feud

Chief Supt Christy Mangan overlooking Drogheda

Chief Supt Christy Mangan overlooking Drogheda

May 14 2021 09:10 AM

The most senior Garda in Louth says while Gardai have taken “comprehensive action” against drug dealers, “we have a lot more of them to take down and out of operation.”

Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan also told a meeting of the Joint Policing Committee for Drogheda that the dealers “cause nothing but mayhem” for the people of Drogheda and mayhem was now being caused to them by way of a legal response to their activities.

At the same meeting the Garda Superintendent for Drogheda, Andrew Watters, said there has been no let up in the criminal feud in the town.

He said Operation Stratus, which deals with the ongoing feud in the Drogheda and mid-Louth area, is continuing and there are a number of “serious ongoing operations with progress being made of them.”

A number of people have been before the courts for some serious incidents too, he added.

Superintendent Watters also said, “there is no let up in the feud and there is no let up from the Gardai’s side. We won’t take our foot off the pedal.”

In the Garda report to the JPC he said that by last Sunday there had been 36 detections/cases of drugs for sale or supply in the Drogheda district so far this year, a figure he said, “is huge.”

In the same period there were 68 for possession for own use and a total of 195 searches under the Drugs Act.    

Chief Superintendent Mangan said that when it came to taking action against the drug dealers that “if you were talking about a race and where we are, I wouldn’t say we are half way through yet.

He added that he has a team “ready to go” to implement any recommendations specific to the Gardai which are in the recently published report on Drogheda compiled by the former director of the Probation Service Mr Vivian Geiran.

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