Jules Thomas has Split with Bailey? Bailey could be Self Destructing. Where from here? A long and Lonely road?

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Guilty! Ian Bailey is convicted of drug driving and disqualified for a year

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14th May 2021

Embattled journalist Ian Bailey has been found guilty of drug driving and had his licence suspended over a 2019 driving offence.Ian Bailey wearing a hat© Provided by Evoke.ie

Judge John King delivered his verdict at Bantry District Court and found that the 64-year-old was guilty of transporting drugs in his car in August of 2019.

When the case was first heard in November, Seargent Kevin Heffernan stated that he stopped Ian after noticing that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. While talking to him he got a strong odour of alcohol coming from the car with Ian explaining that he had drunk a pint with a meal earlier that day.Ian Bailey et al. standing in front of a building: Ian Bailey and his solicitor Frank Buttimer. Pic: Collins© Provided by Evoke.ie Ian Bailey and his solicitor Frank Buttimer. Pic: Collins

He was given and failed a breath test and was brought to the police station for a evidenzer test which he passed. While he was at the station however garda found a tin of what transpired to be cannabis in his possession.

The Examiner quotes Seargent Heffernan in telling the court that Ian had told guards that ‘someone left it at the market stall. They said “that’s for you” and they left it’ He took Ian home but retained his keys and in a subsequent search of the car the following morning found three cannabis joints.Ian Bailey wearing a suit and tie: Ian Bailey Jules Thomas split breakup Sophie Toscan du Plantier© Provided by Evoke.ie Ian Bailey Jules Thomas split breakup Sophie Toscan du Plantier

During the case, Ian’s barrister lodged numerous submissions including one about the police retaining Ian’s keys. On Review, Judge King dismissed the charge of possession of cannabis in his car.

The Irish Examiner reports that Judge King: ‘Gardaí had not observed the statutory requirements and so the car had been illegally detained and any evidence arising out of the search should be excluded.’

He was, however, convicted of drug driving and is disqualified from driving for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay a €700 fine, €400 on the charge of drug driving and €300 for the possession of cannabis.

It has been a tough few months for Ian following a very public breakup with his girlfriend of 30 years Jules Thomas. The Welsh woman told the media: ‘I put up with him for far too long and I realise now that it was waste of time.’Death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier smiling for the camera: Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. Pic: REX© Provided by Evoke.ie Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. Pic: REX

The guilty verdict comes as it was revealed that creators of the West Cork podcast are developing a new TV series about Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder with Sister pictures.

Ian has long been associated to the brutal murder but continuously protested his innocence and successfully fought extradition to France over the crime

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