Points probe: The Arrests yesterday of decent Gardai is becoming a farce and there must be a more sinister reason to take down Dublin City Coppers to Limerick to try and undermine their own brigade. Let’s get this Straight…What is or Who is a member of the Serious Crime Squad in Harcourt Square? They are just an ordinary Gombeen who joined the Gardai and after a few years did some Diploma in Reader’s Digest or Ireland’s Own and then became in his own head a serious Detective, the real Sherlock Holmes type. Pure Bullshit. These Limerick Gardai will fight this case to the end and rightly so. Drew Harris needs to take off those Blinkers or I will stick my neck out further he must GO NOW. There is too much Baggage at Garda HQ and it all stems from RUC to MI7. In the middle of all this Limerick is sinking in Drugs, Money Laundering and Arson Attacks on Family Businesses. Helen put that Baby back in the Cot and Clean up Garda HQ

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Four serving gardai and one retired Superintendent to face trial accused of attempting to pervert course of justice

  • 14 May 2021, 16:18
  • Updated: 14 May 2021, 18:07

A RETIRED Garda Superintendent, two serving Garda Sergeants, and two serving Gardai are to face trials accused of trying to pervert the course of justice.

The five accused were charged in Limerick District Court with a total of 42 counts of attemping to pervert the course of justice.

The case was held in Limerick District Courthouse in
              Merchants Quay
The case was held in Limerick District Courthouse in Merchants Quay

The investigation, into alleged wrongdoing by garda members in the Southern region, is being led by the Dublin-based Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (GNBCI), under the direction of Detective Chief Superintendent Walter O’Sullivan.

None of the accused were present at Limerick District Court today when their cases were called before Judge Patricia Harney.

The five accused are retired Superintendent Eamon O’Neill, formerly Roxboro Road garda station, Sergeant Michelle Leahy, Roxboro Road garda station, Sergeant Anne-Marie Hassett, Kerry Garda Division, formerly Limerick, Garda Tom McGlinchey, Murroe garda station and Garda Colm Geary, Clare Garda Division.

Mr O’Neill is charged with 30 out of the 42 alleged offences, Sergeant Leahy is charged with two counts, Garda McGlinchey, who is a former manager of the Waterford senior football team, is charged with four counts, Garda Geary is charged with three counts and Sgt Hassett is charged with three offences.


The charges against the five relate to them allegedly communicating with other gardai and civilians about fixed charge penalty points relating to alleged road traffic offences.

Mr O’Neill is alleged to have advised a member of the public “how to offset penalty points in respect of a speeding detection”.

These fixed charged penalty notices relate to alleged cases against parties, including a number of sporting and media personalities, and relate to alleged speeding, failing to produce insurance, holding a mobile phone while driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, and with having no insurance.

Mr O’Neill’s solicitor, Dan O’Gorman, told Judge Harney that Mr O’Neill would be “vigorously contesting” all of the charges.

The charges against all five are alleged to have occurred between October 9, 2016 and September 6, 2019.


Detective Garda Chief Superintendent Walter O’Sullivan, head of the GNBCI, gave evidence of arresting and charging all five accused on April 29 this year, at Mayorstone Garda Station, Limerick.

The five accused, who did not reply when charged, were released on station bail to appear in court today, it was heard.

In court Det Chief Supt O’Sullivan applied for a four-week adjournment and said it was “anticipated” the Book of Evidence would be ready to be served on all five accused at that time.


He said the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed that all five accused stand trial on indictment.

The charges follow a two-year probe by the GNBCI who conducted a major intelligence operation which led to a series of searches across the mid west, after detectives suspected a number of fixed charge penalty points notices were not proceeded with.

Judge Harney remanded the five accused on continuing bail to appear before Limerick District Court on June 11 for service of the books of evidence.

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