Decent Limerick Gardai Charged in Court last week, with “Mickey Mouse” Offences; yet you have this Corruption as listed Below smothered, and then there is the Cover Up? This is all over Social Media; People are not Fools. Corrupt Ireland, and FF?

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May be an image
        of 1 person and text that says 'Martin Callinan framed:
        whistleblowers Maurice McCabe John Wilson Eve Doherty and many
        more innocent people in Ireland & Gardai in NBCI helped him
        do it. Now they have appointed NBCI that help him frame people,
        to help him cover it up OMG Corrupt Ireland Jail Martin Callinan
        Take back corrupt Callinan's €255,000 golden handshake!
        Prosecute criminal Martin Callinan Ûo all the crimes he
        committed against all people and Whistleblowers in Ireland'

Cover ups exposed

The body that should be investigating criminal Martin Callinan is an independent body from Europe or else GSOC, but not NBCI, the section that did Martin Callinan’s dirty work for him. This is a complete whitewash and cover up of the vilest man ever to run AGS. Why is Martin Callinan being investigated by the most corrupt Garda section in the force, NBCI, who he once headed, the section that has framed so many people in Ireland on Martin Calinans orders? Serious conflict of interest here? NBCI the section that helped Martin Callinan frame Whistleblowers Maurice McCabe, John Wilson and Eve Doherty…/martin-callinan-faces… “The last time the NBCI examined this area, senior members were dispatched to Co Cavan to, as characterised in the Charlton Tribunal, “dig the dirt” on Sgt Maurice McCabe, who had complained about the practice.”…/comm…/arid-40078859.html Martin Callinan and David Taylor with the assistance of other senior Garda management Ass Commissioner David Sheehan, Ass. Commissioner John Twomey, Comm Noirin O Sullivan, Ass. Comm. Derek Byrne, Ass. Comm. John O Mahony etc. committed the following offences in relation whistleblowers and people in Ireland and have never been prosecuted or properly investigated, why? Perjury Intimidation Breaches of peoples Human Rights under the ECHR Perverted the course of justice Incitement to hatred Breached of section 62 of the Garda Siochana Act 2005 Breached the official secrets act Misfeasance in public office Bullying in the work place Deception Defamation Criminal Damage- destroying evidence Trespass to persons- recklessly inflicting emotional suffering Breached a duty of care in relation to employees Conspiracy to commit a crime Complicate in crimes Attempted intimidation Breach of the Health and Safety Act Criminal Martin Callinan, has never been arrested, questioned, charged or his house searched despite committing these extremely serious crimes and offences years ago. One rule for criminals in the justice department and another for everyone else in Ireland…/the-destruction-of-files…/ Innocent people framed by NBCI

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