FF and Others bought Shares in Cuckoo Vulture Funds called REITS, that Put People on the Street and make some people Homeless. A Corrupt little Country, run by a Golden Circle of Crooks?

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See the source image
May be an image
        of text that says 'Business Post May 16-17, 2021 Vol
        businesspost.ie Price €3.70 State invested in 'cuckoo fund' that
        snapped up hundreds of Maynooth homes More than €225m of
        government funding was used to buy up houses and apartments in
        Dublin suburbs and commuter belt 'Gettir staff back is the main
        thing' As Angela Ruttl and thousands others prepare reopen their
        businesses. sta is key concer page 10 BY KILLIAN WOODS and The
        invested called cuckoo fund has bulk- bought hundreds fhomes
        housing estates, partments homes Grovea Carton Business housing
        tween €1,893 than €225 million €1,950 Carton Grove was con-

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