We go to a Garda station in Mayo: Sources tell me, a gentleman who never in his entire life had any problems with the Gardai or any agencies on this Island received a speeding fine. The word alleged is not necessary. This man who I will not name for the moment contested the fine in court and he won. The Garda involved for some reason could not accept the verdict of the Court so I will state this with full clarity; a squad car arrived at his house, they must have been watching or observing for some time because only the daughter (aged about 15 years) was in. One of the Gardai rang the door bell and informed her that her father was in a very bad accident and then department leaving a very distressed young person. The Garda had told lies. Why? We don’t know yet. Then a short time later the mother while out walking when the same Gardai approached her and informed her with the same news as given to the daughter. Again you can imagine how this woman felt. It sounds bizarre but sadly it has been checked and re-checked and it is true. These are ordinary country people and the GARDA were menaces. This should never have happened especially by the so called Guardians of the Peace at Ballina Garda station. The Gardai who were involved here should have the common decency to admit what they did but that will not happen because the daughter had no witness and for that matter neither had the mother. The people of Ballina town know who the Rogue Cops are … I hope that Drew Harris or somebody at Garda HQ will investigate this but sadly I don’t have much confidence in any investigation especially where bullying is concerned. There have been many stories of Gardai on the take and other illegal activities for years in Mayo and nothing is ever done to deal with same. To be continued….hopefully

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