Kicked in the Head, Brutally Attacked by Thugs, and Dale’s Life is Just Worth 4 years? A broken Hearted Father Speaks out, of Dale’s Death, and then the Suicide of his Daughter from Depression, because of her brother’s Death at the hands of Evil Thugs. What is Wrong with our Justice System?

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Devastated father of slain Dale Creighton shares horror at killer’s release from prison

Exclusive – Darren Creighton opened up to The Star for the first time about the tragic loss of his daughter Danielle last year – and the recent release of one of Dale’s killers

Darren Creighton (father of Dale Creighton) Photo: Mick O’Neill.

The father of slain youngster Dale Creighton says he is “disgusted” at the release of another of his son’s killers – after just four years.

Ross Callery, 27, walked free from Portlaoise prison at the end of last month – having served four years of a six year sentence for his role in the horrific killing of Dale Creighton, 20, on a footbridge in Tallaght on New Year’s Day 2014.

“I am disgusted that he is out. Four years for killing my son. That is not justice,” Darren told The Star in a heartbreaking interview today.

Darren also opened up for the first time about the tragic loss of his daughter Danielle – and how he believes Dale’s killing contributed to her death.

Ross Callery who was jailed for six years for the manslaughter of Dale Creighton
Ross Callery, who has just been released from prison after four years

Danielle was just 23 when she died in a personal tragedy on October 21, last year.

“It all happened because of Dale. I reckon all of this was because of Dale.

Danielle couldn’t get over the death of her brother.

“She wasn’t on drugs, she wasn’t a drinker. Danielle was just depressed with everything that had happened with her family.

“I think what happened to Dale was one of the reasons she done what she done,” Darren said.

“They were close. It had a big impact on her.”

Darren was shocked to learn this week that Ross Callery – who delivered the final kick to Dale’s head, was released from prison on April 27 – after four years for a manslaughter sentence.

“I found out on social media. I wasn’t informed and I think I should have been informed,” Darren said.

Dale Creighton's father Darren
Darren Creighton. Picture by Mick O’Neill

He booted Dale in the head. If you seen a group of people kicking a dog you would jump in and say stop that. But in this case no one said stop, this isn’t right.

“Him and David Burke were the ringleaders here, and now he’s free. In my mind he should have gotten life in prison.”

Six of the seven responsible for Dale’s death now walk free – with only David Burke, who is serving a seven and a half year manslaughter sentence – still in prison.

Aisling Burke
Aisling Burke, 20, jailed for one year over death of Dale Creighton

Darren says each of their releases from prison has been another body-blow for him and the family.

Seven times I am being reminded of it. Every time someone gets out it’s like another blow.

“Only David Burke is still in now, and we are hearing he will be out soon too.

“The way I look at it is, Dale walked onto that bridge that night, or he was dragged onto it, with a beating heart – and he came off of it dead.

“I remember the ambulance man said that he died that night. The lights went out of his eyes.”

Darren says he will never get over what happened to his son, and he’s outraged that Callery and the others can get on with their lives, while he serves the real life sentence.

“So my two kids are gone now. It’s a horrible thought, you know my grandkids, they took that, they took everything away from me,” he said.

“They didn’t just take Dale’s life. They took our existence as well, because we will never be the same.

“You can never be happy again because you feel like you shouldn’t be happy.

“As far as I am concerned I hope they rot in hell. They had no remorse through the trial.

“Evil is evil, and they are evil.”

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