Where is this Case now; no Doubt like many Others it is Shelved?

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High-ranking garda officer under investigation by GSOC suspended from duty – Independent.ie

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level 1 [deleted] 2 years ago

The move was greeted with shock within the force. The officer concerned has an impeccable record spanning over decades of service and the suspension of such a high ranking officer is unprecedented.

The way arch-gobshite Paul Williams has written this I get the feeling it’s one of his pals/sources 27 level 2 JohnnyHardballs Ric 2 years ago

It must be. Because later versions of the article have named the person suspended.

He tried to sue over the questions he was asked in a promotion interview and the High Court found it ridiculous. Not the kind of behaviour you’d associate with someone with the reputation as described by Williams 2 level 1 Fr_Stig_Bubblecard2 years ago · edited 2 years ago

I’m a civil servant who works for AGS. And this doesn’t surprise me.

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