My Friends Nightmare began 6 Years Ago tonight, Gardai called to his Home, Accusations, we Know now False, a Romanian Racist made a Call to a Southside Garda Station, and Began a Litany of Lies and the Abuse began Against a Innocent Irish Couple. The Sinister Rogue Gardai Called to the couples home 32 Times, Total Harrassment began. The Romanian Woman, just 5 months in Ireland, and Could use the Gardai as Tools to try and Destroy a Irish Couples lives. Believe me, this is not over, by any Means. The Rogue Gardai had a old Score to Settle, but it Backfired? Then some got Transferred, The Husband of the Racist Romanian, a American Ex Soldier left her, for a younger Model, where he Works, this Case will be Told in Full? Sad thing is, Decent Coppers are being Hounded in Limerick??

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