People have the Legal Right to Take the Vaccine, and the Same Right to Refuse? Vaccine Passports is a Step too Far, into a New World Order run by the Faceless Pharma Corporates, Gates, and the other Semi Gods in their own Heads?

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Stop the Vaccine Passport NOW

Update on the Digital Green Certificate Regulation (Vaccine Passport) and the next vote to make the regulation law and also link to new template letter to lobby MEP’s included in the description box to the video.


NOTE: Error at the end of the video where you are requested to lobby your TD’s – this should be MEP’s.

This video is a follow up to my video on the 24th of March 2021.

Stop the Vaccine Passport NOW!

We have a small window of opportunity inside which to lobby MEP’s to Vote NO to Vaccine Passports.

Please click this link to find a letter you can use to lobby your MEP and their contact details & email address..

Caption: Digital Green Certificate Regulation Update: Vote to make regulation law takes place on 27/28 April

Caption: URGENT: Digital Green Certificate Regulation on 24th March

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