Romanian Lies, Deceit, and Well Planned with a number of Gardai on one Side, the Wrong Side? The phone rings, Garda on the Phone, we need to Talk to you, in relation to Miss Romania, she made a Complaint, the Couple stated we have made one also? Breaking into our Appartment and Assault?Fast Forward? My Friend after some weeks, got a Registered Letter from Garda L, call down to the Station, meet us by Apointment, and we will Talk, nice and Polite? My Friend calls to the Station, leaves his Mobile at home, he knew it was a Set up, and next, Arrested, Handcuffed, into a Squad car, taken to a different Station, Lights flaring, Why. Then, he is brought to a old Store room, and Strip Searched and Laughed at. Hard to Believe but Fact? Kept in for 12 hours, Questioned, the Rogue Cops knew they were getting nowhere, Released some of his personal property gone missing, 12 hours, No Food, Cell no Heating. All in the NAME OF THE STATE, on Behalf of a Romanian Liar? Why? File sent to DPP, fILE Back? Nothing here? I have left out the Central issues for now, but here is something Interesting, the Gardai Involved at least 5 maybe 6 of the Rogues, would call at night, during the So called Investigation, and have Dinner, Tea, a good Laugh with the Romanian and her Ex Husband in full View of the Innocent Irish Couple. It really Backfired, when a Senior Officer called in person, to Appolise, too little too Late, but Why do this, Why, to be Continued, The Romanian Case? Checking the term “going to a Garda station by appointment as many have currently and past including our Tanaiste – I have never heard of anybody being Hand-Cuffed, Strip Searched, Mocked and Laughed At. The reason I am mentioning this is that these Rogue Cops are still around and we don’t want other innocent people to be put through the same mental and physical torture. And as one Barrister stated, dont forget, the Human Rights here which were Abused, by these Gardai? To be continued

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