Dublin is becoming a War Zone; Wishing Both Decent Coppers a Speedy Recovery?

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Gun attack Two gardai rushed to hospital after being shot by notorious criminal in west Dublin

It is understood that a machine pistol may have been used to fire at the male officers

Scene of the shooting in Blanchardstown

Scene of the shooting in Blanchardstown

May 25 2021 10:12 PM

Two garda detectives have been injured in a terrifying shooting incident in west Dublin this evening.

It is suspected that a notorious gangland criminal fired the shots which led to two gardai being injured in a gun attack in Blanchardstown this evening.

The incident unfolded at Whitechapel Grove in the Coolmine area of Dublin 15 shortly after 7pm.

One of the officers was shot in the foot and the other was shot in the hand.

Both are being treated in hospital for non life threatening injuries.

A man was arrested shortly after 9.30pm and it is understood that two firearms were recovered by gardai.

Attempted murder charges may follow the reckless gun rampage, according to sources.

It is understood that a machine pistol may have been used to fire at the male officers and that the suspect had fired multiple shots at gardai from a bedroom window of the property.

However gardai are also investigating reports that a shotgun may have also been used by the feared criminal who is considered “extremely volatile.”

Scene of the shooting

Scene of the shooting

Senior sources have revealed that gardai had recently visited the house to serve a GIM form on the shooting suspect who is classified as one of the capital’s most dangerous criminals.

This was an official message to warn him of an active threat against his life from rival criminals.

The suspect who is aged in his 30s has multiple previous convictions for serious crime and is extremely well known to gardai.

His associates have been involved in a bitter feud with notorious local criminal Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor as part of a deadly falling out between former associates in the notorious Westies gang when the north Dublin mob imploded over 15 years ago and the former pals took separate sides.

The two gardai who were shot are detectives based in Blanchardstown Garda Station and sources say that “they are lucky that they were not seriously injured or worse.”

After the officers were shot, the suspect barricaded himself into his home leading gardai to declare a “media blackout” because “ a siege situation has emerged” and they requested the media not to report on the incident.

Garda pictured at the scene. Photo: Frank McGrath

Garda pictured at the scene. Photo: Frank McGrath

Shocking video footage shows an injured Garda being helped away from the scene by his colleagues after being apparently shot in the foot.

The injured garda is helped by a member of the emergency response unit and another colleague while another armed response officer shields them.

More colleagues run towards the group helping the injured garda and he is then lifted into the air and hurried away from the scene to a waiting ambulance.

Other footage shows a number of both armed and unarmed Gardai taking shelter behind a garda car while the situation unfolded.

Garda pictured at the scene. Photo: Frank McGrath

Garda pictured at the scene. Photo: Frank McGrath

Angry shouting can be heard coming from a house while a female tries to calm the suspect down.

A man can be heard threatening to “burn you alive” and to “take your f***ing head off”.

One man videoing the shocking daylight scene comments that Gardai are ‘hiding from fella with a gun’.

Aerial footage shows two Gardai – both who appeared to be shot – being helped into two different ambulances which had been parked around the corner from the scene.

The area was flooded with armed response unit members and other Gardai wearing bullet proof vests as locals watched on.

It has emerged that the incident began when gardai were called to the property after receiving reports that the suspect had been acting aggressively towards a female relation of his shortly after 7pm.

It is understood that she was unhurt during the incident.

Sources say that two male detectives who called to the house were “sprayed with machine gun fire.”

It is understood that both gardai were each shot in the foot and one of the two officers were also shot in the hand.

Members of the Armed Support Unit and Emergency Response Unit both rushed to the scene and two safety cordons were put in place by the specialist officers.

The gardai’s Hostage Negotiator Unit (NNU) were also in attendance and worked with a local detective who knows the suspect.

“Eventually he threw a loaded machine pistol and a handgun out of the property and he was then arrested,” a senior source said.

“There was one bullet in the machine gun – this was a very very dangerous and volatile situation but it ended after two and a half hours,” the source added.

“One male is currently in custody in Blanchardstown Garda station. Two Garda members are currently being treated at Connolly Memorial Hospital for non life threatening gun shot wounds,” a garda spokesman said.

Commenting on this evening’s policing operation, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said,

“I want to commend all the Gardaí involved in securing a successful outcome to this firearms incident. In particular, the bravery of the two detectives who were first on scene.

“This was another in a long line of examples of Gardaí putting themselves on the line to keep people safe. I want to wish them a speedy recovery.”

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