What a Horror Story, and do not ever think Paedophiles are not Operating in Networks across Ireland, they Are.

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‘Terrified’ Niece of notorious paedophile Billy Adams warns he will ‘kill next child he abuses’

Michelle has also spoken about the “house of horrors” her uncle grew up in, saying he has now “perfected his craft” and will kill rather than risk being sent back to prison.

Victim: Michelle Erwin today

Victim: Michelle Erwin today

May 27 2021 10:38 AM

A niece of notorious sex offender Billy Adams who was raped by the paedophile when she was just eight says she believes he will kill the next child he abuses.

Michelle Erwin is the second of Adams’ victims to waive her right to anonymity to warn others about the dangers posed by the Ballymena-born pervert.

Michelle has also spoken about the “house of horrors” her uncle grew up in, saying he has now “perfected his craft” and will kill rather than risk being sent back to prison.

“My mummy is his sister and I know there was a lot of abuse in that household,” she said.

“He was locked in the attic and the only time he was bothered with was when my granda was going up to abuse him.”

Michelle’s grandfather was Ireland’s worst paedophile John Adams, who received the first ever full life sentence in the history of the state for abusing young girls in Co Louth in the 1990s.

Gardai discovered four albums of photographs hidden in the pensioner’s house which included his three victims aged between six and 10, either photographed by Adams, or photographed by each other at his direction, in acts of sexual violence.

He died in prison in 2019 having shown no remorse for his crimes.

“I know they were all placed in care eventually, but Billy was abused by staff in the care home,” she said.

“He grew up with a lot of abuse. That makes me wonder why it happened, he knew what it was like, he knew what it felt like, and yet went on to hurt other children.

“I don’t really remember Billy being in my life very much, but when I was eight, just after my birthday, he appeared and wanted to take me on holiday to Butlins.

Billy Adams

Billy Adams  

“He portrayed it like it was his girlfriend and his own children all going, a big family holiday. I’d never been on holiday before and was really excited.

“But there was no Butlins, there was no holiday. He took me to his flat in Dublin and raped me.

“I was terrified. I remember thinking this is not the holiday I planned. My mummy was in Northern Ireland and I was stuck in Dublin.

“After the two weeks were up he told my mummy I was having a brilliant time and could he keep me for another week.

“She must have known something was up and showed up at the amusement place where he worked. He worked in this amusement arcade in Dublin, his flat was around the corner. There was no house phone and no mobiles back then so that’s where I spoke to my mummy on the phone.

“I didn’t even know she was coming, she just showed up.

“When we got back to the flat to pack my clothes there was no underwear, so she knew, but I wasn’t saying anything.”

A few days later Billy Adams arrived at Michelle’s North Down home.

“I thought I was back in my safe place and he just turned up. I was withdrawn and just wanted to be left alone, I was having terrible cramps in my stomach from the abuse,” she explained.

Eventually Michelle wrote out a note and drew a picture of what her uncle had done to her. The rape was reported to police and she travelled to Dublin to give a statement and then later to give evidence at a trial.

She said: “The first trial was a hung jury. They had the medical evidence, they had everything, but one member of the jury didn’t believe me. He got out of the courthouse and onto a train, but it was stopped and he was arrested and charged again.

“So I had to do it all again. At that stage I was only 11.”

Billy Adams was found guilty at his second trial and sentenced to 12 years in the Republic, but managed to secure a transfer to Maghaberry Prison, where he was able to take advantage of the 50pc remission rule, which meant he was released in 2004.

With the help of Catholic priest Fr Jeremiah McGrath he moved to Bootle In Merseyside, where he found his next victim in 11-year-old Jade Critchlow.

“Billy only went with girlfriends who looked like kids, they were all very young and small, that’s obviously what he wants,” said Michelle.

“His flat was around the corner from the amusement arcade, it was full of children. I’m 100pc sure there must be other victims.

“I feel like I can’t trust anyone. I have two kids and worry if anyone even looks at them the wrong way. I’m extra vigilant and constantly watching.

“Billy will just change his name and start again. He targets dysfunctional families.

“He’s perfected his technique. He’s a dangerous, dangerous man. The next child he gets he’ll kill them.”

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