Attack on the Catholic Church under FF and Drew Harris, Why? What really is the AGENDA HERE,

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The attack on spirituality.

It is quite well described in a recent essay by John Michael Greer here. It is more subtle than the very visible attack on religion but the first signs of it can be detected in the way certain parts of the New Age scene have somewhat embraced the alternative narratives that seek to explain what is happening in society otherwise known as conspiracy theories. The way the establishment sets out conspiracy theories is quite simple. If it is not the mainstream official narrative, then it is a conspiracy theory. The problem with this is that it says there is only one absolute truth and everything else is wrong. In reality of course there are essentially an infinite set of possible alternative explanations. Many of them on the extreme fringes of thought would of course not make sense and until recently it was these which were labelled conspiracy. But the conspiracy branding project has been so successful in the past few years, it can now be applied to anything and it scares people away. If there is one thing people fear more than death, it is social ostracisation and it is enough to scare people from reading anything labelled as such.

Picking your way through alternative views or explanations of our world is a tricky process and is helped with copious amounts of learning, knowledge, scepticism, logic and crucially looking for consistency and inconsistencies. Many get side tracked and mis-directed. Once again the religious element is there for there are many offering easy, simplistic explanations that tidy all the facts up, in the same way God stands in for an explanation of why we are here avoiding the need for spending time thinking about it. It all works so long as you make no real effort to check if that is really the case. It is related to the search in physics for the theory of everything where the central desire is for an equation that explains the universe. In the field of non-mainstream theories, there is a sub-field which is basically a form of strategic analysis that looks at all the technical, political and institutional activity and works out a narrative that is a lot more consistent, holds more predictive power and explains motives a lot better. The trouble is, it is a lot more work and requires more critical thinking than either accepting the mainstream narrative or the more simplified versions of various alternative theories but it is the propagation of these that is the real target of the conspiracy branding project because the most terrifying thing to all forms of power is the fear people in significant numbers begin to get an inkling of how the system works and what it does and how it ticks. This is perhaps a slight digression.

It is into this vast landscape that is not the mainstream narrative, that ideas like “The Great Awakening” and other similar ideas of the zeitgeist that attracts people with spiritual and or New Age beliefs. You could label the very idea of any such awakening in spiritual terms such as one’s destiny or fate. They are definitely more in the camp of faith and religion than hard analysis using facts. But then facts are such a contentious idea these days because the mainstream now apparently decides what are and aren’t facts. But it is meant in the old sense here.

The media are already onto this and have come up with the term “conspirituality” and they take some extreme examples of the mix of New Agers and conspiracy to show they are merging. But this is simply the opening salvo of a campaign to broaden this term. Before we know it, anyone practicing spirituality will be labelled in with the conspiracy camp and labelled as cranks, far-right, extremist and of course the mandatory Q-Anon label. It will include anyone practicing religion too. Some might have wondered how the cancel culture is connected and why other than Covid, is one of the only few things to remain in the news cycle these days. It is because the cancel culture is the magic wand to wave over designated groups that need to be silenced and there is a lot of work cut out for them in the new world so well described in the essay sponsored by the World Economic Forum describing life in 2030 when apparently you will own nothing but will rent everything. You will also have no privacy. The leave out the question of who owns the things you will be renting. The answer of course is global corporations since it will be a totalitarian corporate run society

Perhaps the globalists in the background are preparing a new narrative and crafting their own religion for the masses once the current fear campaign has achieved it’s goals and can be scaled back to make way for the next act of the show.



A study that shows that facemasks are worthless
Some priests are speaking out
Still no public Mass… Ireland’s loyalty to the Mass
The Irish government has officially confirmed that it is a penal offence for a lay faithful to leave his house to attend Mass. This comes in the wake of our second consecutive year without the Easter Triduum in Ireland. What’s the next step for faithful Catholic’s in this country?
This is also all in the context of the recently republished classic “Irelands loyalty to the Mass.” By Fr. Augustine OFM Its a must read. It goes through the history of this country’s fight to keep and safeguard what has always been the most important aspect of everything. The Mass.

Ireland’s loyalty to the Mass:

Alone with Christ alone:

Apostolic Courage in an Age of Closed Churches?
Friends, I reflect on the issue of banning devout Catholics from receiving the Eucharist, and the unfortunate consequences of halting the the tangible core sacraments of the Church. – Fr. Bill

THE BRENDAN OPTION 011 | A Response to Ireland’s Public Worship Ban

“You’re grinding our face into the ground with your boot… and you’re not man enough to say it.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 11 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he reacts to the public worship ban signed into Irish law this week.

Visit our website:

Greek Orthodox priests says mass in empty church
Happened in a church in Greece on the Good Friday in 2020. An Orthodox priest had enough with the government’s draconian social distancing measures that had him performing the Good Friday service in an empty church.

Very emotional speech.God bless this brave priest.

Caption: Still no public Mass… Ireland’s loyalty to the Mass

Caption: Apostolic Courage in an Age of Closed Churches?

Caption: THE BRENDAN OPTION 011 | A Response to Ireland’s Public Worship Ban
Man who filmed Garda disrupting mass in Athlone has house raided at 3:30am and taken away and his kids put into care under Mental Health Actauthor by 1 of indypublication dateSun May 02, 2021 23:25author addressauthor phone

Gardai abduct the children of the man who filmed them disrupting mass in Athlone last week

Audio of Video taken by Pat Sweeney as the Garda raided his home on Sat night at 3:30am and took him away.

Original video taken by Pat Sweeney. Watch before it disappears. Audio above is from this video

“Just been contacted by Pat Sweeney, the man who videoed the Gardai in a church in Athlone last week that went viral. The Gardai have taken his two children from him last night at 3.30am. If you are near Longford please head to the Garda station to support him. Please share this”.They invoked the Mental Health act to claim he was unwell and under those powers his children have been taken away and put into care. And all of this happened at 3:30am on Sat night

This is the exact same technique used in Stalinlist Russia to claim dissidents were mentally ill and put away for years. Under the Mental Health Act in Ireland, Pat will loose all his rights

The Anti-Empire website is reporting:

The New Normal Goon Squad Arrests Heroic Pastor Pawlowski for the crime of inviting people to a church

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a resident of Calgary, Canada, has been a thorn in the flesh of Alberta Health Services (which is the equivalent of an American state’s health services) since the Covid pandemic began. Pastor Pawlowski had the temerity to believe that the Canadian Constitution meant it when it said that everyone has a fundamental freedom of conscience, religion, and peaceful assembly. When the government tried to shut him down over a virus with an average 98% survival rate, he vociferously resisted. The government got its revenge yesterday. Canada has been extraordinarily aggressive in policing its citizens over a virus that has a 98% survival rate. People who have traveled overseas must stay in designated hotels, where they get abysmal service, for prices that would keep someone comfortably at the Ritz in New York, back in pre-Covid days. You can read more about Canada’s eerie police state feel here. One of the things that most irks the Canadian government, both national and provincial, is church worship. Americans became aware of that thanks to a viral video in April showing Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who grew up in Communist Poland, calling the Canadian police “Nazis” for entering his church and trying to disrupt the service. His crime? Conducting a worship service that exceeded the 15% capacity limit that Canada now imposes on religious worship. …..


May 26, 2021 17:2

nobody knows mind control like the church knows mind control…this is all a last ditch effort on the part of the old establishment to remain in control….kill your TV….defund the police and military…as the world evolves beyond all the disinformation and superstition and hate and torture and spite and malice peddled by the royal church and its types, the efforts by the few who rule the many become more and more frenetic, no? Look up into the sky for an eyeful of that…..the only reason we even have religion is because some slick talkers, who are good for nothing else than that, soothed us when we were scared of the thunder and lightning, and it has just stayed in place ever since. Booga booga BS is all it is, and you need to grow away from it or be prey forever. wake up or die. i say that because its very obvious you can’t see whats coming next. we are destined for much more than creating idio-religio hoohah.

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