This is Scary, the Gardai and Tusla Get it so Wrong Again, Check the Motive, here it was Pure Malice and Bitterness, against a Mother and her Children. Very Soft Sentence?

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The gardaí took my kids, it’s a blur’ – mother’s shock after woman admits making fake 999 calls alleging abuse 

Woman had identified herself to gardai as a specific young child in the 999 call and claimed she was being abused in the home

(Stock photo)

(Stock photo)

May 28 2021 01:04 PM

A mother whose children were temporarily taken from her after a woman made malicious 999 calls pretending to be her children, has criticised the suspended sentence handed down to the offender.

Samantha Kennedy, of Main Street in Ballineen, Co Cork appeared before Bandon District Court in West Cork last week where she admitted making ten 999 calls to gardai over a two hour period.

She had identified herself to gardai as a specific young child amid claims she was being abused in the home.

The court heard that the calls were made between 4.37am and 6.25am on February 14th 2020.

Gardai took calls from Ms Kennedy (31) where she purported to be a certain child living in a house in East Cork.

The court heard that Ms Kennedy put on the voice of a child and said that she and her sibling were being abused.

Gardaí, as was their duty, invoked Section 12 powers and removed the two children from the family home. The children were examined at Cork University Hospital and were found to be unharmed.

Gardai downloaded the 999 calls which they traced to Ms Kennedy whom the court was told was, at that time, in a relationship with the father of one of the children in the house in East Cork.

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