At the time Garda HQ said the suspensions were related to allegations that gardaí had not pursued enforcement in relation to “road traffic offences and fixed charge penalty notices”. While the Brainless Pumped up Morons, (The Big City Boys) are down in Limerick, wearing cheap Marks and Sparks Suits, Investigating their own Decent Cops, for Alleged, Dog unpaid Licences, and not feeding the Budgie properly; the sad part of this is that Gardai in North Dublin are trying to Tackle unrelenting Organised Crime.

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Dozens of gardaí raid property in operation targeting organised crime

29th May 2021

DOZENS OF GARDAÍ carried out a major search operation in the Darndale area of Dublin.

Armed officers along with specialists attached to the Dublin based Public Order Unit as well as other units were involved.

The gardaí carried out their operation of a house in Belcamp Lane, Dublin 17 yesterday afternoon.

A garda spokesperson said that the search operation did not find “any items of note” and that no arrests were made.

The location, in a lane off the Malahide Road, where the major operation took place has been subject to previous garda searches.  

Several garda vans and other vehicles drove into the area shortly after 5pm on Friday while armed gardaí in helmets and body armour took up positions inside a compound and on walls over looking the site of the raid.

Sources have said that the operation is part of an ongoing focus on organised crime in the area.


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