Rabbitte has a big Chip on her Shoulder, and Loves playing the Victim. Simple Solution, like others in FF, IF you cannot do the Job, Get out?

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Farmers’ fury at TD after claims of ‘shocking behaviour’

Anne Rabbitte. Picture: Collins
Anne Rabbitte

Anne Rabbitte. Picture: Collins  

June 01 2021 02:30 AM

A farmers’ group has called on junior minister Anne Rabbitte to apologise publicly for claiming that she experienced “shocking behaviour and hostile language” at a recent ­virtual meeting.

Ms Rabbitte said she experienced “abuse levelled at me personally” at a recent meeting with the Individual Farmers of Ireland group.

In a statement on social media, she said the “abuse” went “beyond what I would deem acceptable or fair”.

“On May 14, I met with the Individual Farmers of Ireland group and I must highlight the shocking and hostile language used during the meeting,” Ms Rabbitte said.

She added that “the abuse levelled at me went beyond what I would deem acceptable or fair” and that “the language used was simply appalling and I can understand why other public reps are reluctant to engage with the group if this is normal practice”.

However, James Geoghegan, of the group, said the junior minister must apologise for her comments.

“The Individual Farmers’ tractors protest group are shocked and dismayed at Deputy Anne Rabbitte’s recent outburst claiming that we abused her at a recent meeting,” he said.

He said “the majority” of attendees at the meeting had been “surveyed” and they maintained there was “no personal abuse” directed at Ms Rabbitte. ADVERTISEMENT

We are calling on Ms Rabbitte to apologise publicly immediately for these false allegations. We have surveyed the majority of people who attended this meeting and everyone agrees that there was no personal abuse directed towards Ms Rabbitte.”

He added that she should “come down off her high horse”.

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