We need Software Experts in place urgently; this is no Offence to Top Cat Cop Paul Cleary….I am sure he knows how to Plug in a Computer but Conti and ransomware hackers have wreaked havoc in the HSE leaving many people with their confidential medical data now in the public arena. Not good news if you have a mental health/addiction history unknown to your employer.

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Lead cyber crime garda issues advice to public struck by data leak from HSE ransomware attack

THE GARDA LEADING the investigation into the HSE cyber attack has issued a warning to the public as data has appeared on line. a man wearing a suit and tie© Sasko Lazarov

It is now 21 days since the ransomware attack was detected on HSE computer systems. 

The HSE confirmed last Friday that data from at least 520 patients has appeared online.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Cleary of the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau said that the gardaí were continuing their probe to find the hackers.

Speaking in a video on Twitter, Cleary sought to advise people of the dangers of the data breach.

“The recent HSE cyber attack has highlighted the crippling effect cybercrime can have on an organization or business.

Following confirmation from the HSE that some personal data breach has been published online our advice would be that if you were contacted by a person stating that they have your personal information, and they’re looking for you to confirm your bank account details, you should not engage with them, or provide any personal information.

You should report the matter immediately to your local Garda station.

The Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau is continuing its criminal investigation as the HSE ransomware attack would earn international law enforcement partners,” he said. 

Cleary gave advice to the public about the attack how to follow some simple strategies to prevent become a victim of scams. 

While the focus is on cyber security we are asking members of the public business owners and ICT managers to take the opportunity to review your online safety and security.

“If in doubt follow the five cyber safety steps. One, don’t open attachments or links from emails or text messages, unless you are sure that you know and trust the source.

Two: don’t mix data from your wall comparison and online activity. Three, be careful when using remote access methods to your company network.

Four, only use official sources to update antivirus software, and your computer system patches, and five, have a safe and up to date backup, which is kept separate from the network of computer systems. For further information, please Visit garda.ie,” he said. 

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