Leo the Leak is Starting to Piss People off, he never knows when to Shut up. FG have no time for people on Welfare, Why? Housing is the Biggest Scandal in Ireland, along with Homelessness?

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See the source image
See the source image
May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that
        says 'Eamon Melia #TalkToVera @... 6h Varadkars "free
        house" remarks in the Dail today sums up his position on
        the homeless crisis, The man is a Narcissist and this emergency
        will never be fixed as long as he is in any position of power.
        11 い 81 363 Chay Bowes and 13 others liked Paul Howard
        @AkaPaulHow... •4h Varadkar referring to social housing as
        "free housing" again. He's always at that. I grew up
        in a council house. Wasn't free. We paid rent. Lots of it. 158
        946 9,010'

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