Martin the Undisputed Leader of FG and FF according to his own Cork Polls?

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May be an image
        of 6 people and text that says 'PHOENIX VOL. VOL.39,No.11 No. 1
        June June 17, 2021 €3.65 Ãnal. VAT) Sterling 320 Safe Protect
        Protecteacho PARTY CROWD each SHOCKER! What's the man on the
        street saying? don't know, he' that p本*d! The end of Irish
        neutrality? Moya Doherty' s legal advice at RTÉ Profile: Senator
        Ivana Bacik Young Bloods: Niall Horgan Stephen Evans-Freke' $1bn
        lawsuit ALSO: Mick O'Leary's overvalued Ryanair; Jimmy Menton' S
        medical record; liquidating The Strypes; Doireann Garrihy's
        show; Bernie Gallagher's bathrooms; Lucinda Kelly's pop-ups

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