Please Please tell me, this is a Joke. After SwingGate, now Deirdre Conroy is Suing the “Snow” and now she is playing the Victim. Well if the Skiing Accident did Happen, she can Claim and no doubt already has her “No Foal No Fee” legal team enticed.

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See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
May be an image
        of 2 people and text that says '1rish Dail SATURDAY EDITION Mail
        ATURDAY, JUNE5 2021 €2.20 £1.10.I) FREE INSIDE JoeWicks 11-PAGE
        RECIPE Deliciously healthy meals SPECIAL NSIDEYOU MAGAZINE he
        cooks for his own family Ex -housing chief causes fury as he
        urges those who can't afford Dublin to move to somewhere cheaper
        IF YOU CAN'T BUY, MOVE ON! By Begley THE former head the Housing
        by Conroy: had to sue over some- ski accident ++ needed a hip
        replacement ++ I'm targeted because I'm FF replied: BY-ELECTION
        EXCLUSIVE SEE housing'
May be a Twitter
        screenshot of 2 people and text that says 'Jack Power
        @jackpowerlT 2h Fianna Fáil's candidate for the Dublin Bay South
        byelection has taken legal action over a skiing fall, claiming
        she was injured as her ski instructor did not properly watch
        her, and there wasn't enough snow on the slopes- my story in
        today's @IrishTimes FF's byelection candidate alleges negligence
        in wake of ski mishap Deirdre Conroy I would not have needed a
        total hip replacement had it not been for the fall' S'

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