RTE Government PR Again? The Young People were well Behaved last night, you will always get the Odd Idiot to be a Nuisance, even in Garda Uniform?

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See the source image

Ireland, especially Dublin has become something of a police state. I’m so glad I don’t live there. Breaks my heart what is happening to the country. I feel for the next generation to come and the youth – they won’t know the craic and banter we did and the freedoms.

Some Gardai are a disgrace. Government are a farce. The blind leading the blind and only out for themselves. The videos from over the weekend along with the news coming from the Mother and Baby homes again… Just unfathomable that that is the Ireland I used to love. *added* the general public are not paid to keep the peace and set order as guardians of the state are ie: police and politicians.

Yes some general public are restless and acting out but the way in which people are being treated is absolutely diabolical. So sad to witness. My heart breaks for the Irish. Homophobic bullying by the police as well to LGHT members. Hostility. Lack of how to deal with people. A shambles. There is covid in every country and many like Ireland – have order. They have a system in place. They have public spaces. Public toilets. They have a system set up whereby people can gather and enjoy themselves. Why is this so hard to do in Ireland?

People’s livelihoods are demolished. Peoples social lives have been taken away. The mental health implications are too vast to even go into here. Those in government still being paid with some on increased pay rises to keep this shit show up. It’s a sham. And yeah, I’ve seen the police videos – bullying public is part of what I saw. That should not happen at all by people who are employed to keep the peace and not intimidate with authoritarian power. Anyway I know a good property and holiday agent in Portugal in the Algarve if anyone needs one 😂I

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