So TD’s get yet another extortionate pay rise of €1,924 while those on the pandemic unemployment payment face a tax bill of up to €1,500 due to Government not allowing people go back to work. If it wasn’t dead already , the move to tax the PUP finally buries the fraudulent claim that we are all in this together . As if losing your job with barely enough to pay your bills wasn’t stressful enough, workers have learned that their PUP cash is to be now taxed. This bombshell hit in recent days and only comes because politicians who received a 2% pay rise last month bringing their salaries to €99,000 are bending the laws to penalize workers. Never before has a levy been applied retrospectively and it would appear that doing so means the Government is “BREAKING THE LAW”. While workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own are going to be hammered with future taxes, the same rules do not apply to the banks and the vulture funds. This is happening to ordinary people who had steady jobs up until the Government made the decision that they could no longer go to work. The State actually forced workers out of their employment and now wants to penalize them for having no job. you seriously couldn’t make this up. According to leading tax experts, the legislation presently states that payments made under the section of the welfare act that the PUP was paid until August are exempt from tax. What the Government is doing is to claim a tax retrospectively which it would not dare do against commercial enterprises. In essence, this coalition of chaos is trying to screw workers because they know they dont have lawyers or accountants to fight their case as do big business. It should be remembered that it is Government who are refusing to take more than a whopping €13 Billion which the European Commission has ruled is owed to the state by Apple. Possibly one of many, many multinational corporations that operate in Ireland that possibly owe the tax payer an absolute fortune. Far from going after the world’s richest company or companies and claiming taxes retrospectively, the Government is squandering millions of euros of taxpayers hard earned money, €8.6 million so far, fighting against the European Commission ruling. Yes you have read that right, our Government is spending our cash to stop Apple giving us €16 billion they owe to we the Irish people. Criminality at its finest. To date there are no retrospective levies for the vulture funds even though they paid little or no tax on their massive bought for a song property portfolios. More evading of monies owed to the tax payer buried under the carpet. Fine Gael has also allowed the banks a 20 year corporate tax holiday because they could carry forward their huge losses even though these were self inflicted by their recklessness and in some cases criminality. At no stage has any of the previous Governments try wind back to reclaim tens of millions of euro in taxes that were avoided. Why would they deliberately breach a principle that is enshrined in tax law right throughout the world? The answer possibly is that they think that they can get away with it as only workers are involved. Its abundantly clear that those elected are not there to serve us, instead only serving the best interests of themselves and those within their Golden Circle. As Mattie McGrath stated this week in the Dail “In Government there is only controlled opposition backed up by a controlled media”. Lets hope more brave enough people start to stand up against the establishment ignoring the party whips in place.

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A suggestion from Fred? What was the motive of choosing an amount of £350 for the PUP scheme? Yes we know COVID-19 the Pandemic struck with venom and left people immediately without work on a month by month basis, with no end in sight, even yet. The unpredictability of COVID-19 and new variants is still posing a major threat. However in the normal situation where a person loses their job, they are paid an amount of approximately £240 per week. Why was the PUP scheme amount £350. Now here is a little conjecture. Is it geared at taking a whole cohort of people into tax net. We know students were working in the Gig economy and many more, we know there is a cash mentality in Ireland but the PUP was issued and was too enticing so many fell into the trap and they registered for the PUP. Now we know students applying for the Susi grant are registered for PUP and their days of paying tax and being obligated to make a tax return are in place. A little devious and all encompassing is this PUP payment perhaps.

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