At last a TD Had the Spunk to Tell the Truth. Sinn Fein, have Lost their Purpose, they Hide behind the Government in a orchestrated blame game, when the Hard Calls must be Made? Young people were well Behaved, I was there Cameras in Hand.

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6th June 2021

Aontú’s Peadar Tóibín says unrest in Dublin was “manufactured” by Government

“You could fit all the people with Covid [in hospital] in this state on a single double-decker bus”.

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín has said that the recent unrest in Dublin City Centre was “manufactured” by the Government.

Speaking on RTE’s This Week In Politics he said that he would “not blame young people” for the events which have occurred in the city over the past number of nights.

He said: “I would not blame young people for this. 60% unemployment rates now among young people in this country, they’ve had 15 months of phenomenal sacrifices made themselves in regards to what has happened, even though they are the sector of society that are least at risk from this illness.

“The Government are asking people to have an outdoor summer, the Government manufactured the events that we saw in the streets of Dublin over the last number of nights.”
“I can sell you pints, if you’re standing up, but, if you’re sitting down at a table outside my pub, in a regulated, structured fashion it’s illegal for me to sell you pints.”

Tóibín added that although the restrictions are set to change from tomorrow to allow outdoor services in pubs and restaurants, it is “mind-bending” that pub owners were prevented from selling pints except “to people who are mobile on the street”.

The TD said that there was a lot of “group-think” in the Government at the moment, saying that all parties except Aontú wanted to extend emergency powers until November.

“Covid is a serious illness but right now there are only 74 people in hospital with Covid, you could fit all the people with Covid [in hospital] in this state on a single double-decker bus, and yet this Government have said that they won’t open pubs and restaurants [indoors] for another month,” he continued.

Tóibín’s comments come after 19 people were arrested for public order offences as Gardaí dispersed crowds in Dublin City Centre on Saturday night.

Between approximately 7pm and 9pm on 5 June, Gardaí dispersed crowds from Stephen’s Green, Temple Bar and South William Street.

In total, 19 people were arrested for public order offences in Dublin City Centre, including two juveniles who were released and referred for Juvenile Diversion Programme.



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