In the current climate we have Fake News, False Information from RTE and other idiot journalists as to what really happened in Dublin City at the Weekend. As I said before, Peadar Toibin had the balls to come out and state the Facts. Where is Sinn Fein? Below is an example of the idiots who collect millions from the Irish taxpayers/citizens and Sinn Fein from inheritances etc, while sitting in the Dail scratching their arses for years. Look again below at Groucho Marx playing Dirty Harry, pointing a Gun and at the same time the country is in the middle of Gangland Murders, Drug Murders, Domestic Murders and the rest. What more can one say? But Willie, try some medication.

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Careful With That Axe, Eugene: Willie O'Dea
          shoots himself in the foot
May be an image
        of one or more people and people standing
May be an image of one or more people and text that
        says 'Garda fined for breaching Covid regulations and being
        drunk in public Aoife Moore (27) had been celebrating her
        birthday with friends night f farrest a about5 hours ago Olivia
        Kelleher Garda Aoife Moore utside Dungarvan District Court.
        Photog ph: Patrick rowne LAMDA GARDA'

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