These Heavy Gang Gardai, have Wives, Partners, Families; How do they go Home at night, and act like Human Beings, after Beating up our Young People, with Graphite Batons. Peace Keepers, a Sick Joke? Some Sources say there are some Chinese Gardai Who Literally Hate Irish Culture and its People. This is an Allegation, but if Factual, we have a Serious Problem. Imagine a Paddy in Chinese Uniform Battering down Chinese People in Beijing. I Doubt it.

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From Facebook: 8th June 2021

These are not peacekeepers, these are trouble makers, I have experienced their dirty tactics on a few occasions. They will approach certain people and hope to get a reaction if they don’t they move on to torment some others until they get a reaction like someone saying I am doing no harm or I have done nothing wrong. It is then the troublemakers [Guards] start saying move on now, or if you don’t go home we will arrest you, or maybe tell you get out of the area and if you say but I have done nothing it is then you will hear, under Section 8 of the Public Order Act 1994 I am now arresting you, and you say but I done nothing wrong, it is then the handcuffs appear and you begin to panic and say no no no I didn’t do anything, it is then the troublemakers grab you and your friends start saying but he/she done nothing, and now you have what the troublemakers [Guards] will say they have been attacked by a crowd, and they then call in the Public Order Unit, and now they will beat the shit out of anything that moves, especially young girls who are trying to get away from the area, yes they will beat those young innocent people on the back of their legs while they are trying to run away, yes I have the video evidence of Guards beating young people on the back of their legs, and across their backs, genuine young people wanting to enjoy themselves after being held captive for over a year. When you or I beat someone on the back it cannot be classed as self defence, it can only be classed as attacking and rightfully so, so why do the Guards get away with that type of violent behaviour, well it is just because we don’t challenge them in court and produce the evidence, yes true evidence not the concocted shit that the Guards state in court, they will not produce video evidence in court, ah sure they refuse to wear body-cameras, and now that they will have to wear them they wont turn then on, why you may well ask, because they will not be able to lie in court, but I am sure they will even try to say the cameras are wrong.

The Guards are supposed to keep the peace not stir up trouble, most of the Guards should be locked up because they are just violent thugs with no discipline, with the very minimum of education and when ever you meet people who have low grade education and they have a bit of power especially with a uniform their ignorance and their violent manner comes to the fore, why, well, because they know no better and they think they can do what they like because they are protected by their uniform but the day is coming when the young people will fight back and make the troublemakers [Guards] pay for not respecting human, civil, and constitutional rights, you treat people like animals and they will eventually react just like animals. Guards for the past thirty years have gotten more corrupt more violent and more disrespectful of us civilians who overpay them and they still steal from us yes they steal from our hard earned money. they are the real criminals    

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