DID THE GARDAI EMPTY BEER ONTO THE STREET AND THROW THE CANS ON THE GROUND? “A number of questions have been raised after footage emerged appearing to show gardai take cans off partygoers, emptying them onto the street and then throwing them away onto the street, with many claiming that the gardai were trying to make Dublin’s mayhem look worse than it actually was.”

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        of text that says 'THE LIBERAL TheLiberal.ie-OurNews,Your Our
        News, TheLiberal.ie Views MENU Questions raised after claims
        "gardai were trying to make Dublin look worse than it
        was" by emptying drink and throwing cans on the ground'

Video here <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/joe.casey.9003888/posts/275425507696545? /100056872942090/posts/275425507696545/?d=n Copied from theliberal.ie

Full report here https://theliberal.ie/questions-raised-after-claims

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