Twitter: Lifelong learning. COVID-19 invaded in December 2019 from Wujan, China and became a Pandemic on a global scale replicating so fast, it was beyond comprehension. Science thankfully and Public Health joined forces and vaccines were created which prevent the spread of COVID-19; however we must remain diligent because mutations and variants are ever present trying to break through the barriers of the vaccines and capture more people. Zoonotic or Lab origin, it is not of significance at the moment; We must be viligant. People who are anti-vaxxers cause harm and making money out of misfortune is unforgiveable. Thank you Dr Eric Feing-Ding for your tweets.

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Fred says hello Dr Eric whose tweets are prolific. I reckon Dr Eric needs much sleep because tweets start very early in the morning….

Vaccines … Thank you to all who made them possible. COVAX deserves special mention because it aims to see distribution of vaccines to impoverished nations, free of charge. It is administered through the WHO.

These include: PfizerBioNTech; Oxford Astra Zeneca; Moderna; Johnson & Johnson; Sputnik V; Sinopharm and so many more. And to all the small countries who are working to provide vaccines for their own population. Taiwan has been denied vaccines from China (geopolitical implications) but the US are making vaccines available. Taiwan without the vaccine provision was very adept at keeping protocols in place and deaths at a minimum.

@DrEricDing · Anti-vax profiteers: The Bollingers “sell documentaries & books; other influencers hawk dietary supplements, essential oils or online “bootcamps”. In 2020, the Bollingers told a court they raked in $25 million since 2014.”

Spreading vaccine fears. And cashing in. – Center for Public Integrity Meet the influencers making millions by dealing doubt about the coronavirus vaccines.

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