Sadly in the End Bitterness finally Caught up with Harris, a True Brit, and a Proud one?

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Eoghan Harris to face third lawsuit over anonymous Twitter account

Eoghan Harris. Picture: Dave Meehan

Eoghan Harris. Picture: Dave Meehan  


June 08 2021 06:17 PM

Columnist Eoghan Harris is set to face a third lawsuit over a Twitter account he contributed to anonymously.

The latest legal action is being taken by Belfast filmmaker Sean Murray, whose documentary ‘Unquiet Graves’ investigated a loyalist gang suspected of murdering more than 100 people in the 1970s.

The documentary was described as “propaganda” by a Twitter account using the name Barbara J Pym.

Mr Harris (78), a former senator, has admitted being involved with other, as yet unidentified, people in the running the account.

In a statement issued by Ó Muirigh Solicitors, the firm said it had been instructed by Mr Murray to issue High Court proceedings against Mr Harris and other anonymous contributors to the account.

It alleged Mr Murray had been the subject of “an extensive and malicious campaign of online abuse” from the Twitter account over a period of 12 months.

The statement said Mr Murray was a distinguished academic and award-winning filmmaker.

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