As long as the Monk is Free to move around Europe and beyond, Hutch is a big Thorn on the Arse of Daniel Kinahan.

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Gangsters connected to Hutch clan are running drugs empire in Northern Ireland

The men fled to the North in the wake of the Regency atrocity as their bitter rivals planned to kill them

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageGerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch


Gangsters connected to the Hutch clan are running a major drugs empire in the North.

Sources said the Belfast racket was set up at the height of the Dublin feud involving the rival Kinahan mob that has claimed upwards of 18 lives.

An insider added: “Two major players aligned to the Hutch gang are based in Northern Ireland and are running operations with former IRA elements.

“This is more likely an operation operated and organised by these two men themselves.

“The two men have significant prices on their heads and attempts have been made to kill them by the Kinahan OCG but all the while they’ve been running this drug dealing operation.

“The Kinahans are wholesalers and provide drugs to other criminals in the city but these Hutch associates are running their own operation.”

The men fled to the North in the wake of the Regency atrocity as their bitter rivals planned to kill them.

Gerry Hutch and Daniel Kinahan
Gerry Hutch and Daniel Kinahan

Dubai-based ganglord Daniel Kinahan and his dad Christy ordered the hits after the death of David Byrne at the hotel

Many senior players in both gangs have left Ireland during the feud.

Gerry “The Monk” Hutch is said to be in Turkey but there have been multiple reports he has been spotted in other resorts such as the Canaries.

A source said: “It is very unlikely he was in Spain or Lanzarote but is thought to be somewhere in Turkey.

“He has property in Florida as well but he’s more likely to be tracked if he was in America by virtue that law enforcement agencies there have been notified.”

There have been attempts on Hutch mob lives in Lanzarote and Turkey.


John Hutch senior, a brother of “The Monk”, narrowly avoided a hitman’s bullet on March 23. He leapt from a balcony as two masked gunmen burst into his Turkish apartment.

He had been hiding out in the country as there was a threat to his life.

A Hutch relative rang gardai to tell them about the near miss. Meanwhile, the Kinahans use a Spanish bolthole and property in Amsterdam with their main base for senior players in Dubai.

Daniel Kinahan, who recently had a hair transplant, is leading the empire from hotels in the Emirate resort city where he is enjoying a life on the beach.

A source added: “The priority this year for law enforcement agencies across Europe, not just the gardai, is to further close the net on these people and bring an end to their activities

“This isn’t just an Irish fight now – this is a worldwide fight.”

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