John McGuinness only comes out of his Bunker, when the Coast is Safe, and there is Someting in it for him and Son. Kilkenny people need to Wake up, You are not Wuffs that get a Treat, when Compliant.

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See the source image

It should be mentioned, in a slightly unrelated subject, that as this was all going on, and as Pat Sweeney must have been in unimaginable panic, clueless as to the condition or whereabouts of his children, the Irish Mail on Sunday was about to go to print with their latest edition. Inside, could be found a piece with the headline, ‘Nearly all rural politicians favour local rules’. The story concerned a proposed idea, in which COVID-19 restrictions would be enforced in counties across the nation, with qualifying criteria depending on case infection rates. In the article, a Fianna Fail politician by the name of John McGuinness advocates for the proposal and states;

“You have to follow facts and reward compliance. When I am training my German Shepherds, I always carry treats.”

These words confirm the attitude of Irish politicians towards their voters, who they view as dumb animals, fit to be punished or rewarded as and when they see fit. Those among us who have been muzzled, isolated and distanced for over a year, unfortunately, do not present a good argument against McGuinness’ statement. However, it is worth noting that this is the view of the public among the Ivory Tower-dwelling sleazebags who run the nation on behalf of their corporate sponsors. Is it surprising then that a family would be subjected to a rude awakening and abducted in the middle of the night against their will? No. This is the mentality among the ruling class in Ireland – they have psychologically prepared themselves to dehumanize every man, woman and child alive in this nation. Consider that as you queue up for your unapproved, emergency-use, experimental vials of mRNA gene therapeutics.

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