McSharry now a Sherrif Rides into Town from the West, with a Message, Deception is Out, Bring Charges, even Against FF and Martin, What a good Cowboy???

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Government TD asks gardaí to investigate use of fictitious market research companies by parties

Fianna Fáil's Marc MacSharry

Fianna Fáil’s Marc MacSharry

June 10 2021 08:46 PM

An Garda Siochána have been asked to examine revelations regarding political parties using “fictitious market research companies”.

In a letter to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry said he was “appalled” to learn that established parties including his own were involved in what he described as “deception”.

“I therefore wish to formally request that you examine the issue across the political establishment including admissions by each of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, the Green Party and Sinn Féin in relation to engaging such practices to ascertain if such deception is legal or illegal under current law,” he said.

“I know you will appreciate the importance of public trust in our Republic and all those engaged with it and elected to serve it. I am therefore most anxious to receive your reply, where if such deception is a legal act I can seek to engage with parliamentary colleagues to progress legislation to address such an anomaly by way of legislation.”

Mr MacSharry has already called on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to resign over the controversy.

A garda spokesperson said: “An Garda Síochána does not comment on correspondence or comments from 3rd parties. We understand that the Office of the Data Protection Commission is currently conducting an audit of all political parties and how they process personal data.

“The Data Protection Commission may once the audit is complete submit a complaint on any findings where appropriate to An Garda Síochána for investigation.”

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