Mother is the foundation of the Family, these people need Pity, but they are Dangerous, but the Millions of family members Hold the Democratic Right to Say Mother. Fred.

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· The really awful and tragic thing is that some will agree with this Lgbt BS.
Their real agenda is very dangerous. To destroy the family unit consisting of a father, mother and children. The traditional family unit.
A Marxist agenda in other words.
Very dangerous with lots of funding and NGO’s.
How sick is that??

May be an image
        of 1 person and text that says 'Employers Ban the word 'mother'
        says LGBT charity THE word mother should replaced Sarah O'Grady
        phrase parent who given Social Afairs Correspondent buys
        employers access advice. Last embroiled executive gender
        critical' beliefs changing gender pronouns But distribute when
        Stonewail Edinburgh and Rights with the According row over
        Stonewall trom Goverment departments, such the Home Otce, the
        employ- Membershi around free MI6 and the Army. Maya Forstater
        which and diversity champions programme way or tions upported
        meet this'

Paulo Mcguire Don’t promote their nonsense. Let God deal with that lot.


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would be replaced with ” Parent who has given birth …nah! .. It’ll never catch on 😆


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Paula Power Mother there is no name that can replace the name of my dear mother xxxxxxxx

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