Irish People should Wake up to Green Gobshite Ryan, by the way is Eamon still Snoozing? Remote workers will get a shock when they return to Dublin City because the Greens have been far from ASLEEP with their plans for Dublin’s Fair City. It is now all about bikes and walking. Cars and especially SUV’s even if electric will not be welcome.

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See the source image
May be an image
        of 1 person and text that says '11:50 H+ R 18% facebook 32 28
        May 2019 Remember the Green Party cut minimum wages by €1 ph
        (12%) Privatised the bin's and bin charges Privatised the 999
        emergency call center & awarded to British Telecom who
        de-recogniesed unions abstained on the UN vote for water as a
        human right ,and not forget agreed to the bank guarantee &
        bailout. Ireland has a very short memory #EP2019 #Wakethefuckup
        glas glas'

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