McCann is back; no doubt got her Story from some Friends of her Daddy. Harris has got it Wrong; young people need room to Breathe and have a Peaceful drink, we have the space in Dublin, let them avail of it during this summer of uncertainty. Drove through the city last night, all good, just young people enjoying a Warm night. Who is Leaking to McCann, what Idiot Cops. Femininity has returned to Ireland; young women are wearing the most stylish yet simplicity dresses, more associated with another era of time.

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Gangs of youths responsible for Dart chaos same group involved in violent city centre scenes

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a man and a woman walking down a street© Provided by

Gangs of youths responsible for causing chaos along Dublin’s Dart line over the past year were among hundreds of teenagers who descended on the capital last weekend intent on causing chaos.

Organised on social media app Snapchat, the teenagers arrived in their hundreds as the capital basked in bank holiday sunshine.

As a ‘buzz’ was whipped up on social media, more groups of teenagers arrived from the outskirts of Dublin including Tallaght, Finglas and Blanchardstown.a group of people walking on a city street: Pictured Members of the An Garda Siochana Public Order unit wearing face masks patrol South William Street in Dublin city this evening. Photo: Sam Boal/© Provided by Pictured Members of the An Garda Siochana Public Order unit wearing face masks patrol South William Street in Dublin city this evening. Photo: Sam Boal/

A senior Garda source told the Irish Mail on Sunday: ‘These gangs operate via Snapchat; that is how they organise themselves and spread the word.’

The MoS understands some of the orchestrators of the chaotic scenes will receive a ‘knock on the door’ from gardaí over the coming days as investigations into last weekend’s trouble continues at pace.

Clashes erupted in the city centre last Friday and Saturday night after gardaí came under fire from glass bottles and other missiles thrown ‘Following the buzz, looking for the action’

by youths, and bins were set alight on South William Street as the crowd cheered. Gardaí deployed ‘soft cap’ public order units with shields, made several arrests and dispersed the gangs involved.a group of people that are standing in the street: Gardai were met with some resistance as they reported that officers were targeted with missiles from within the crowd. Pic: Sam Boal /© Provided by Gardai were met with some resistance as they reported that officers were targeted with missiles from within the crowd. Pic: Sam Boal /

There were more chaotic scenes and arrests last Sunday night as teenage boys and girls jumped on top of taxis and kicked their bonnets. Three gardaí suffered minor injuries and were treated in hospital after glass was thrown at them.

An informed source told how the youths arrived ‘from everywhere’.

They said: ‘There’s a buzz – there’s drink involved. They are playing music and the parks are closed off and they’re following the buzz, looking for where the action is. That’s why at 8.30pm, 9pm, that’s when a lot of them arrived in and the atmosphere changed.

‘There was already a big crowd in town enjoying themselves and then these groups of teens arrive and it took off from there.’a group of people walking down the street: Public Order Gardai Jerusalema© Provided by Public Order Gardai Jerusalema

Some of those involved are identifiable to gardaí as ‘known troublemakers’.

They arrived in from the suburbs into the inner city and it spreads from there, like a bushfire,’ a source said. ‘The gangs causing trouble along the train lines are out causing trouble the whole time and they were in the city last weekend, too, front and centre.’

There has been a significant increase in anti-social behaviour on Dart services during the pandemic. Gangs on bikes and organised fights have been a feature along the line for a number of months.

Shocking footage was released last month showing a young girl being pushed – by teenage boys on bikes – under a stationary train at Howth Junction. Meanwhile, weapons were seized last weekend following an organised fight on the tracks in Kilbarrack.

Sources revealed how the gangs mobilise using social media to communicate with each other.a group of people standing on a sidewalk: Pic Stephen Collins/Collins Photos© Provided by Pic Stephen Collins/Collins Photos

‘Snapchat is the app of choice for communicating,’ said one source. ‘That is how they organise themselves. The gangs along the Dart line are known troublemakers and some of them were front and centre of last weekend’s trouble and then there was a social media frenzy with politicians speaking out and it just grew horns from there.

‘We saw young people arrive from all over the city to see what was happening in town and some of those were out to cause trouble.’

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said this week an element of young, drunk people were responsible for causing violent disturbances.

‘What we had last weekend was violence due to large amounts of young people, who had drink taken. Some of them were very drunk, but then there was an element within that group who were intent on trouble, and causing damage and causing violence.’

Commissioner Harris said the weekend’s incidents involved ‘a spontaneous gathering of those young people’.

‘Intent on causing harm through violence’

‘The difference from the weekend before seems to be that there was a group intent on causing harm through violence or criminal damage through the burning of bins,’ he said. He rejected criticism that the Garda response in Dublin may have been over-reactionary.

‘I would say that our use of force and our policing tactics were appropriate to the situation that we faced. In acting how we did, I believe we prevented the situation from deteriorating further.’

Gardaí expressed hope that the ‘excitement’ of gathering in town has simmered down with the reopening of outdoor dining and that revellers can get back to enjoying themselves without the threat of violence in the background.

Fred speaks out: Where are the Council for Civil Liberties (Mr Liam Herrick)? There was an absence of Gardai in Dublin last night; the young were in droves celebrating the opening up of outside gatherings at pubs that in many cases have been locked down for nearly a year.

Like a bushfire”… very descriptive but truly a little harsh to say that those young people from the suburbs who were drawn to City frivolities should compared to “like a bushfire” – we are all well aware of the destruction caused by same.

What truly concerns me is retaliation. Last week there was a 17 year old arrested in South William Street (I may be wrong) and taken to Pearse Street station. He collapsed. He was taken to one hospital and then to Beaumont hospital which specialises in head injuries. We have heard nothing about this young man. At least in the case of Terence Wheelock, a decade on, we can Google the name and we know what happened to him.

Where is our media? This case should not be ignored. Head injury is so serious and so often a person who sustains one has no advocate to work on their behalf both at the time of the injury and thereafter when they are left adrift with what is known as the “silent epidemic” so often complicated by mental health, addictions and an inability to work. There life is about vulnerabilities post traumatic brain injury, but like Terence Wheelock, death decides.

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